Trails in Motion SF 2016 - Cris Gebhardt Photography

HI everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the films shown at the 2016 Trails in Motion Film Festival.  I know that I was certainly inspired by all of them.  

Here is a gallery of the photos I captured throughout the evening.  The photos are for download so just use the download button on as many of the photos as you'd like.  

 Be sure to tag yourselves, Rob Rhodes @Baytrailrunners  @dirtbaggerfilms and myself in your posts. 

(Cue shameless plug)  I am a full time photographer based in Marin and offer various photography and video services.  I appreciate any reference you may be able to provide. 

It was great meeting new faces and seeing old ones.  Until next time!  


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FB @Crisgebhardtphotography 

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